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M/M Romance

One Indulgence (Indulgence, #1)
  • Publisher: Loose Id LLC (September 8, 2014)
When Henry Cortland, the Earl of Brenleigh, comes to London to fulfill his duty and take a wife, he also decides to first fulfill his most secret and suppressed desires. He wants to spend just one night with a man. A sultry encounter with a handsome stranger surpasses all his hopes, leaving him certain that he will live off the memories for the rest of his life.

Lord Richard Avery has grown tired of his endless string of casual relationships, yet an argument with his lover sends him right into the arms of a total stranger. But Henry is not like any lover he has ever had, and the attraction between them is more than physical. Richard wants more, but can their mutual attraction overcome Henry's family obligations and sense of duty? Can Richard convince him to follow his heart rather than the demands of family and title? 

Available at: Loose IdAmazon, Kobo, Barns & Noble, AllRomanceEbooks, Google Books, and others.

One Glimpse (Indulgence, #2)
Publisher: Loose Id LLC (October 19th, 2015)

For years Sir Samuel Shaw has secretly lusted after the handsome and popular Lord John Darnish, a man known for his good humor, expert riding prowess, and very female mistress. Certain that John is an unattainable fantasy, Sam is shaken when an accidental discovery reveals John might not be as unattainable as he once thought. But what is possible is not always likely, and Sam finds himself trapped between keeping a friend and risking everything for the unlikely hope of something more. 

John is terror struck when his drunken mistake threatens to shatter the double life he has worked so hard to maintain. His terror soon turns to hope when he finds himself drawn to Sam, who he is sure does not share his interest in men. But subtle things cause him to second guess, and fear that his hopes are making him see what he wants to see.

Sam's risks and John's hopes turn futile, however, when blights from Sam's past resurface to threaten them and Sam's family. Can Sam choose between the love he has always wanted and the security of his family, or will forces outside his control hurt all the people he holds most dear? \

Available at: Loose IdAmazon, Kobo, Barns & Noble, AllRomanceEbooks, Google Books, and others

One Kiss (Indulgence #3)
Projected Publisher: Loose Id LLC (not yet published)

[I am currently working on the manuscript for One Kiss. I turn my attention to one of the sub characters who has been with me since the beginning, Julian Garrott, and give him his own story]


*My first ventures into public writing. Even though they are not my characters and I own nothing, I am still immensely proud of them =). I am also aware that despite any "I do not own this" declarations, fan fiction is still, technically, less than legal. The good people are Paramount have always ignored it, however, so I'm not worried =)

 Star Trek: The Next Generation - Ascent I 

Publisher:, and epub available through Goodreads

When Lore is reassembled by Dr. Bruce Maddox, he awakes to a world he is unprepared for: A world or regret. With his ethical program repaired, Lore must face the guilt and reality of his crimes, but some want retribution. He finds a lone friend aboard the Enterprise, but will his past destroy her and his new life? Or will the Enterprise and her crew pay?

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Ascent II
Publisher:, and epub available through Goodreads

Following the events of Ascent I, Lore finds himself wandering the Beta Quadrant without purpose, until a mysterious message from Deanna Troi prompts him to return to the Enterprise. But, life aboard the Enterprise is not how he left it. Can Lore still call the Enterprise home, or will others conspire to ruin everything? 


  1. I just re-read both of your Indulgence books, having first read them right after they were published. I so enjoy them. I would love to read Julian's story; please consider this as encouragement!

  2. Hi, I love your 2 indulgence books and cant wait for the third. As a somewhat wannabe writer (who really cant write), I really love your books. ;p;p

  3. And I hope to hear more about Evers.