Friday, October 2, 2015

Cover Reveal!

As some of you may know (though I doubt many, since I've been remiss in mentioning it), my second installment in the Indulgence Series is set to be published on the 27th of this month =D I just got my new cover from the lovely people at Loose Id...and here it is.

One Glimpse is Sir Samuel's story, the moody baronet that was introduced in One Indulgence. I am particularly proud of this one and can't wait for it to be released in less than a month's time. Maybe I'll wear regency era clothing on the 27th just to mark the occasion? I would certainly turn heads at the grocery store, LOL! =) 


  1. Gorgeous! I loveed book one, I can't wait to read this too!

  2. I am counting the days! Will it be available on Kobo on 10/27? I sure hope so!

    1. Thanks, Jenny TL and Serena! I hope you liked it, and sorry for taking so long to comment. I am still learning the blogosphere and it's taking a bit, lol. --LG