Monday, July 21, 2014

My Comfort Zone....

I can't overestimate the thrill, shock, wonder, fear, and all the other things I have felt since I started venturing into areas outside of my "comfort zone". It's hasn't been a long journey. Only the last year or so, I'll say. Talking to people with views and life styles completely outside my realm of personal experience, getting to know strange things that, quite frankly, make me feel like a ridiculous newbie at times...and a bigot at others. I ask questions--lots of questions--sometimes more than I should, because it's hard for me to remember that people with alternative lifestyles still have private lives, still have things they don't want to just share with a stranger. I have even met people who get angry and offended at the term "alternative lifestyle."

Damn. I feel like I can't even speak English any more. What's the right thing to say? Was that offensive? Sheesh! Sorry, guys. Truly. No offence intended. I'm just so damn curious, I can't help myself. You know who you are, ;) .

But I've learned that comfort zones can be good things, though. They really can. After all, if you aren't a little reticent about things, if you aren't just a little uncomfortable...doesn't that make you jaded? I sometimes wonder if people who have no restraints at all aren't bored. I think I would be.

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