Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lapham's Quarterly 

A cheat book for art/culture rubes like me...

So I really like Lapham's Quarterly, and if you aren't familiar with it, it's basically a big quarterly magazine that compiles a bunch of literature/art/essays/etc. on a particularly chosen topic. The topics are always something singular and yet very broad. For example, this quarter the subject is "Youth". 

Back in "the day" (God, I hate that phrase), you would see big quote books that would organize various quotes by subject. "Gee, I need a quote here about unrequited love so I can sound super smart and well read. I know! My Big Book O' Quotes!" Yeah, pretty much like that ;). Well, Lapham's does that for more than just quotes. A cheat book? Sure, it can be, but I love the focus because you can instantly get a few DOZEN perspectives on one particular topic in one volume. Nice. And if some may view it as one of those intimidating snob publications of the elite art world, well....that's fine. I'm sure the people who make it view themselves that way too. After all, I hear the founder used to work for the New Yorker (stick your nose up in the air now, LOL)
I saw this in this quarter's issue and liked it a lot. It's mixed media, entitled Boy by Ron Mueck, 1999. Since all I'm seeing is a picture, and I have not yet bothered to look up the actual work, I find that I'm not sure which is real. Is the room real, and the artist made a gigantic squatting boy...or is the boy real and the artist made a miniature sized room? I can't really tell from the photo. 
PS: If you are the type who loves to butcher magazines for art materials, especially collages, you can't get much better than this magazine. Of course, you'll be butchering a $16 book. Mmm.... =/ 

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